Famille dans un chalet
Famille dans un chalet

Access to the municipal heated swimming pool with slides

All campers gets the special price of 0.5 euros by person by entry !


In the municipal swimming pool of Baugé-en_Anjou, you will enjoy the sunbath, the water gamers, the large slides. It is also possible to take swimming and aquagym courses. A specific welcome is given to the disabled people to give them acccess to the pool.



Openning time (2019)


  30th of May to the 5th of July

6th of July to the 30th of August

Tuesday CLOSED 11h – 13h  /  15h- 19h30
Wednesday 13h30 – 16h45 11h – 13h   / 15h- 21h30
Thursday CLOSED 11h – 13h   / 15 h – 19h30
Friday CLOSED 11h – 13h   / 15 h – 19h30
Saturday 15h – 18h30  15 h – 19h30
Sunday 11h – 13h /  15h – 18h30 11h – 13h   / 15 h- 19h30


Cashier close 30 minutes before the time shown.

People should get out of the swimming pool 30 minutes before the closing time.




Camping ***

Le Pont des Fées

Rue du pont des fées


Tél. : 0033 2 41 89 14 79

         0033 6 73 85 68 72

Horaire d'ouverture


En raison des mesures gouvernementales, le camping est actuellement fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre mais les réservations sont toujours possibles pour les mois à venir.



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