Famille dans un chalet
Famille dans un chalet

Substainable develoment is a priority for the Pont des Fées campsite

Economic! Social! Ecology!

By municipality convictions, applying the regulations and as a member of Camping Qualité and Qualité Tourisme, the Baugé en Anjou campsite try to create a dynamic in Baugé city, to be an engine of the Anjou economy as well as limit its impact on the environement.

The Energy

Help us to save water and electricity. Please report any issue you could see to not waster energy. Campsite is always imroving its equipment to save energy as our new showers, the good chalet isolation and our new water heating system.


The Environment

The campsite allow you to recycle all your waster from glasses, to paper as well as your battery. Use it as much as you can and planet will thank you!



Baugé is in the nice and french countryside but several way of transport are possible to use as less as possible your car.


Economic and social

By coming here, you help us substaining a local life in our small french city. As a city, we try as much as possible to allow all people to work for us!






Camping ***

Le Pont des Fées

Rue du pont des fées


Tél. : 0033 2 59 33 77 70



29 Mars au 30 septembre 2024

8h45-12h30 et 13h45-18h


29th of March to the 30th of September 2024

08:45 AM to 12:30 AM and 01:45 PM to 06:00 PM



Passez un bon séjour chez nous ?

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